Trans Am Bike Race 2017 – Bring it on!

Next weeks I’ll be racing across the United States of America! You’ll be able to follow me again through my social media and the GPS tracking can be found on Next to that the main Facebook group can be found at And I will try to post a few pictures on Instagram and upload my ride data on Strava daily.

The course will be though: 6730km and over 50.000 meters of climbing. I’m curious how my body will react to the lower oxygen levels when climbing into Colorado. We’ll be riding above 3000m heights, so lets see what happens. The weather forecasts are great for me: 16 degrees Celsius, Rainy and cold at night. The first big climb still needs to be cleared (see header image) so adventure is garantueed anyway 🙂

Trans Am Bike Race Gear list

No change in gear this time, so if you want to know what I’ll be using, check out Gear list Transcontinental Race

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