My next challenge: the Transcontinental race 2016! #TCRNO4

Sometimes life gets a bit boring and you need a decent challenge to take everything out of it. After having some great experiences last summer, making solo trips of 250km and more I decided to take the next step. As a former 300m sprint specialist I could never imagine I would like hours after hours on my bike, but I did!

The Transcontinental Race 2016 #TCRNO4

At the end of July 2016 I’ll compete in a race across Europe*: starting in Belgium and finishing in Turkey. This results in around 3900-4000 kilometers of Europe’s finest asphalt, combined with around 60.000 meters of climbing. Like in the old days of the Tour de France: one stage and the clock never stops, riders are averaging 400+ km’s / day, no support vehicles, no support teams, no rules. Just 4 checkpoints in between. People that know me, know I’m fit for it psychologically so the biggest challenge will be getting my body in shape during the next 9 months.

More information about past three editions can be found at

On this blog I’ll share all the challenges I will face during route planning, dieting, training, equipment choices, what to pack and which legal issues I have to take care of during my journey. Follow me via Twitter @jbobbink or add me on Facebook 

*Only 250 people of approximately 350 people will be able to actually contest. If I’m not assigned to one of the 250 spots on the roster, I’ll be racing across the United States, West to East coast.

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