Enjoying autumn weather – #IPWR Race Report: Day 1 to 3 – 1310km

5 days before the start I arrived in Perth so I had some time to get used to the weather coming straight out of the Dutch winter. Welcomed by a happy, Swedish taxi driver, I felt home immediately. Within 3 minutes she was warning me for all the dangerous wildlife that I would face during my stay. During preparation I did some research about the actual dangers and it seemed OK to just camp at the side of the road and not have to worry at all. Luckily the focus shifted from spiders & snakes to the notable increase in the number of deadly shark and truck driver incidents the past few years. This gave me some comfort, knowing I wouldn’t be riding in any known shark territories!

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Trans Am Bike Race 2017 – Bring it on!

Next weeks I’ll be racing across the United States of America! You’ll be able to follow me again through my social media and the GPS tracking can be found on http://trackleaders.com/transam17 Next to that the main Facebook group can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/524758520982933/ And I will try to post a few pictures on Instagram and upload my ride data on Strava daily.

The course will be though: 6730km and over 50.000 meters of climbing. I’m curious how my body will react to the lower oxygen levels when climbing into Colorado. We’ll be riding above 3000m heights, so lets see what happens. The weather forecasts are great for me: 16 degrees Celsius, Rainy and cold at night. The first big climb still needs to be cleared (see header image) so adventure is garantueed anyway 🙂

Trans Am Bike Race Gear list

No change in gear this time, so if you want to know what I’ll be using, check out Gear list Transcontinental Race

I love it when a plan comes together, also when it doesn’t – Transcontinental Race: Day 13 to 16

After a great night of sleep, I woke up a bit late without any real motivation to start riding like crazy. Anyway, tracker was working again so I had no excuse but to get on my bike and move my lazy ass. With 1030KM to go and four days until the finishers party and great weather, I expected it would be an easy ride to the finish.
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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – Transcontinental Race: Day 9 to 12

Waking up while knowing you could have a easy warm-up by descending 80 kilometres into Italy was good for the mind. After 60km I bumped into the Belgian TCR veteran Rudy Rollenberg and we agreed that we deserved some fresh cake, coffee and coke. Felt good being able to talk Dutch and exchange a few thoughts about the race.

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Next challenge: Indian Pacific Wheel Race 2017 #IPWR

Snakes, spiders and kangaroos: starting March 18th, I’ll race from West to East across Australia during the first edition of the Indian Pacifc Wheel Race.


The course is set: 5300 kilometres of pure awesomeness. Highlights will be:

The desert (incl the Nullarbor Plain) – 1200km of loneliness

Rolling hills of the famous wine districts of South Australia


The iconic Great Ocean Road


The Australian Alps


Jesse explains a bit about the things we can expect on the route:

Official website: Indianpacificwheelrace.com

Epic mountains, rain nor MTB tracks can stop me! Transcontinental day 5 -9

4 days have passed since I left Geraardsbergen and the upcoming hours would determine the outcome of the race. Since I knew it would be a tough and long day in the mountains I got a few hours of extra sleep and made use of the hotel breakfast. I knew many riders were already up and tackling the first pass of the day. For me, the dots on the Trackleader maps were targets for the upcoming 24 hours. The scenery was awesome and within two hours I had finished one of the steepest climb of my route towards Turkey: the main part averaging 11% over 7 kilometres was conquered. Holy sh*t, that was tough on legs. I was literally crawling, meter by meter getting closer to the summit. At 60rpm, 9-10km / hour I was happy my knees didn’t break down.

New at the blog? Read part 1 first: Transcontinental Day 1-4: Enjoying France!

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Race report: Transcontinental Day 1-4 – Enjoying France!

It’s over 8 weeks ago and finally found some time to start writing a few lines about my experiences and more important, my learnings for next races. After finishing, I immediately knew I would race again, no doubt whatsoever. In the past few weeks I’ve been medically struggling: during the trip to Turkey I managed to pick up some parasites and a tinea pedis (athlete’s foot) and to finish it up I had multiple surgeries to my mouth removing my last wisdom tooth including a benign tumour. That’s done so time to reflect on the most intensive two weeks I have ever experienced.

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The Transcontinental: lets race Europe! #TCRno4

The last weeks leading up to this Friday have been a bit troubling: I have been suffering from a tooth infection which made me feel quite crap the past three weeks so the number of training sessions have been a bit low. Finally discovered the source of my low energy levels and cold symptoms last week, followed by removing two molars last friday. Quite a risk to do surgery a week before heading to Turkey but the day after I already felt a lot better since the infection got a chance to cure. And two teeth out saves me some weight, everything for a faster time! Next to that we all have seen what happened in Turkey: besides the political situation which I already considered when signing up for the race, I have no problem racing through Turkey as long as my safety is not in danger. This isn’t the case and the race director has asked us to prepare an alternative finish in Greece, Alexandroupolis in case the situation changes in the upcoming weeks. I’m really looking forward to cross 12 countries and tackle all the challenges on my way. Route planning has been challenging, especially in the countries where Google Streetview is not present but I’m sure my Mason will take care of me on all the unexpected gravel roads and fight of chasing dogs in Bulgaria 🙂

Checking out Geraardsbergen

While feeling bad I did do my last training: I rode my fully loaded bike to the start line in Geraardsbergen, just 220km. After 70km I was totally done: no power in the legs, cramping and spiritless so I thought about turning around an go back to my bed. Luckily my mind didn’t allowed me to stop and after a coke at a 24/7 gas station I decided I really needed to finish this ride since the TCR will be raced in a similar state but then for over at least 10 days. I left Utrecht at 20:30 and arrived at 05:00 just in time to enjoy an amazing sunset at the top of De Muur, where cycling history has been made:
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My Gear list for Transcontinental Race 2016

Just 4 weeks before the start of the 4000km Transcontinental race from Geraardsbergen (BE) to Canakkle (TR). During preparations and training rides, people often asked what I have in my bags or what I will take with me during my journey to Turkey. For me this list will be my packing checklist, so let me know in the comments if I’m missing something 🙂
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