About Jan-Willem Bobbink

Pain is temporary, glory is forever!”

In my early years I used to race sprinting distances on inline skates: specialized in efforts lasting 15 to 60 seconds at most. Since 2014 I’m back on my bike and lost a few kilo’s. More and more rides got on the weekly schedule and I truly got addicted to making long rides, completely opposite of what I used to do. After finding out about actual races over thousands of kilometres, I set myself the goal to cross all continents within the next 5 years by bike. Antarctica will be the most though one, probably 🙂 I freaking hate climbing mountains by bike, I only ascent to enjoy my favourite part of cycling: descending!


  • Bikes: Specialized Roubaix, Mason Resolution and Gaint XTC Advanced 29er
  • Favourite riding food: Nuts, nuts and more nuts

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